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The First Saudi Designer

The Brand Founder 

Our Couture House is the First Fashion House In Saudi Arabia found by  The first Saudi Designer is ADNAN AKBAR.

Our Story


Was established in 1970 by founder Adnan Akbar, Akbar got his talent from his mother, as a young child he discovered his path for fashion by creating collections of dresses that are designed to fit dolls of various sizes. Doll dresses can be made from a wide variety of fabrics, including Cotton, Silk, Satin & Lace that can be

embellished with details such as embroidery ,beads , & sequins.

Akbar was born in 1949 Mecca, Saudi Arabia. he went to school for Political Science, After that in 1968 he decided to complete his studies in Beirut, Lebanon at the famous French Couturiers Madame Sylvia, & went to

Paris working in the Vouge Library. 

Our house of couture purpose is to add value to the fashion high-end industry, by providing haute couture gowns, ready to wear, & luxurious bridal wedding dresses. Working on manufactured designs,

embroidery, & beads.

Organization headquarters located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Our accomplishments all our designs are unique as we provide only design piece for each of our clients with a special embroidery that matches
our clients tastes.

2nd international Fashion Festival participation 


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